Sunday, August 15, 2010

Anjuta vs CodeBlocks

I am learning both Anjuta and Code::Blocks IDE systems.

Here are a few things that I've found so far.

1. Multi-Language Support: Anjujta wins
Since I use more languages than just English, multi-language support is very important aspect of any editor for me. This is one reason why I do not use popular editor TextMate (OSX), which has very poor in multi-language support. Luckily, both Anjuta and CB support multi-language. However, CB's multi-language support is minimum and does not support in-line input capability. Anjuta support of multi-language support is excellent, including in-line input support by default.

2. Multi-Platform Support: CodeBlocks wins
Anjusta supports only Linux platforms while CodeBlocks supports Linux, Windows as well as OSX.

3. GUI Objects: Tie
a. Widget
It requires installation of wxWidget librairies.
(1) Anjuta
The default wxWidget project requires to modify string "Hello World" to _T("Hello World").
(2) CodeBlocks
The default wxWidget project works as is.

3. Project Management: CodeBlocks wins.
Anjuta opens a different main window for every project - not very easy way to manage related multiple projects. CodeBlocks does place multiple project files within one main window as expected. But CodeBlocks also has a concept of "Workspace", which groups related projects. This is very nice in case your system consists of independent but related applications.

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