Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Installing Arcadia - Ruby IDE written in Ruby

Finally I was able to launch Arcadia without errors.

Here is the list of items that should have been installed before installing/using Arcadia.

(1) ruby-dev
(2) library: libopenssl-ruby
(3) library: ruby-debug
(4) gem: coderay
(5) gem: os whichr

According to the document, there are two ways to install Arcadia:

1. exec as root on command line "gem install arcadia"
or as user "sudo gem install arcadia"
2. using archive distribution
a. untar (on unix) (tar -xzf) arcadia-.tar.gz
b. unzip (on windows) arcadia-.zip

I used the second option because the first option caused an error about RDoc-data and did not update automatically. I am too newbie to know about effect of manually updating RDoc-data, especially in an environment where I keep two ruby versions separately. So I avoided the first option.

The second option (2.a) was simple:
Download it to local folder and untar the archive.
And placed the resulting folder in my home directory.

The documentation has just one line of instruction on how to run:
exec on command line "ruby arcadia"
I was little perplexed by this because I thought ruby file was supposed to have .rb extension. But it worked.

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