Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Installing PostgreSQL 9.0 using One-click installer from EnterpriseDB

I've just installed PostgreSQL 9.0 Beta4, using one-click installer by EnterpreiseDB.

(1) Downloaded linux (32bit) version of installer from:
(2) Ran the installer,
$ sudo ./postgresql-9.0.0-beta4-linux.bin

At the end of installation, it prompts for additional installations.I checked:
Drupal and MediaWiki (which required Apache/PHP installations)

I did not know it also installed its own version of Apache (at port 8080).
Not knowing that, I installed Apache in normal way, using Synaptic.
(1) Open Synaptic
(2) Search for "apache2"
(3) Select apache2
(4) Apply

So two apache servers (at 80 and 8080) are running now, which may not be a bad idea. I can use one for Production and the other for Testing.

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