Monday, August 16, 2010

Mouse Control Problme with Ubuntu

There is one recurring problem with Ubuntu (10.04).
My mouse suddenly stops working; its cursor just disappears from the screen.

It happens sometimes about only a few minutes after the start up, but it happens sometimes after one hour or much later.

It usually happens during keyboard entry, often after hitting a return key such as when doing a search on web, or doing a command line work.

Only way to restore the mouse control is to restart the OS.
Interestingly, if I have two or three mouses attached, only one of them stops at a time. In other words, if one mouse stops working, I can still use second mouse, and when the second mouse stops working, I can use the third one. But all of them stops working soon or later.

All my mouses are USB based, one of which is wireless. Not for sure, but it seems that the wireless one seems to stop sooner.

It cannot be hardware problem since my system is dual boot with Windows Vista and I have never had this kind of problem when running Windows (Vista).

This problem is one of few reasons why Ubuntu cannot completely replace Windows or Mac for me.

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