Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Reinstalling PostgreSQL (all over again) now using Ubuntu package

Since I did not like what I saw in EnterpreseDB version of PostgreSQL, I decided to reinstall PostgreSQL using Ubuntu package this time. It is an older version, but I will live with it.

Note that Software Center is confusing when you want to install PostgreSQL; it is hard to tell which one to select. So use Synaptic.

1. Open Synaptic.
2. Search and Install postgresql.

And that's it.

$ finger postgres
Login: postgres          Name: PostgreSQL administrator
Directory: /var/lib/postgresql       Shell: /bin/bash
Never logged in.
No mail.
No Plan.
I've just noticed that this one uses bash as its shell; the EnterpriseDB used sh.
That might have been a problem not not being able to use psql from bash terminal when switched user to postgres.

And I can access psql immediately, without changing the path environmental variable.
$ psql -V
psql (PostgreSQL) 8.4.4 

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