Saturday, October 1, 2011

Installing Ruby (Ruboto) on Sony Tablet S

I installed Ruboto (JRuby for Android) on Sony Tablet S.

1. Resouces.
Running a Ruby interpreter on iPad:

2. Installing Ruboto-IRB on the Sony Tablet.
It's so simple to install Ruboto-IRB.
(1) Go to the Market and search for Ruboto. 
(2) Download Ruboto-IRB.
(3) Open installed Ruboto-IRB
(4) Wait to see "Installing JRuby .... Done"
That's it.

3. Testing the IRB.
>> "Hello World" [Enter]
==> Helo World
>> 1+2 [Enter]
==> 3
>> s = "Ruby string" [Enter]
==> Ruby string
>> s.upcase [Enter]

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