Thursday, January 12, 2012

Learning Ramaze (5) - Designing a Page

I am learning Ramaze, a light-weight web framework for Ruby. I am learning it by modifying a plain skelton created by Ramze - bit by bit. A web app I am trying to build is a (PostgreSQL) database management tool. I want to use it for day-to-day data access as an end user of databases. I also want to use it to develop databases as a database designer. So my web has Data and Design pages.

In this post, I want to describe a design of my Design page.

1. Features
I want my Design page to have the following features.
a. Display List of Features
b. Display Diagrams (Workflows, Functionalities and Data models)
c. Display Data Models (Definitions of Tables and Columns)
d. Create Databases (Deployment of Data Models)

2. Workflow Description
There will be several workflow blocks.
a. Creating Database Project (Project Manager)
b. Determining List of Features (Project Manager)
c. Determining Workflow Blocks (Database Designer)
d. Drawing Workflow Diagrams (Database Designer)
e. Designing Data Models (Database Designer)
f. Designing Functionality and UI (Database Designer)
g. Building Database (Database Programmer)
h. Deploying Database (Database Administrator)

3. Workflow Diagrams

4. Data Modeling

5. Functionality and UI

6. Build Database

7. Deployment of Data Models

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