Sunday, April 29, 2012

Installing Ubuntu Server 12.04 on Primergy Server TX100 S2

I have upgraded my Primergy TX100 S2 server with Ubuntu Server 12.04. This is my second installation of Ubuntu server on this machine. The previously installed version of the Ubuntu Server was 11.10.

1. Resouces 
Ubuntu Server 12.04 LTS Download: Brasero: (Tool to burn disk image to CD/DVD) Primergy Server TX100 S2: (my machine)
Blog: Step by Step tutorial to install Ubuntu Server 12.04

2. Getting Ubuntu Server 12.04. 
I downloaded Ubuntu Server 12.04 image file (ubuntu-12.04-server-amd64.iso) from Ubuntu site ( Then burned it to a DVD using Brasero.

3. Installation 
Select Language: English
Select "Install Ubuntu Server" from the initial menu.
Select Language for installation process: English
Country: United States
Keyboard Selection: No (automatic detection)
Keyboard Layout: English (US)
Hostname: primergy01
Full Name for the new user: socrateos
User name: socrateos
Encrypit home directory: No
Time zone: Yes (correct detection of time zone)
Partition: Guided - use entire disk and setup LVM
Accept warning of "all data on the disk ... will be erased"
Remove existing logical volume data: Yes
Write changes to disks and configure LVM: Yes
Amount of volume group to use: 2.0 TB (default)
Write changes to disks: Yes
Installing the base system ...
HTTP proxy information: (blank for none)
How do you want to manage upgrades: No automatic updates
Software selection:
 OpenSSH server
 Virtual Machine host
 Ubuntu Desktop
Install GRUB boot loader to the master boot record: Yes (Spit out DVD) and Continue to reboot (First login was success)

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