Sunday, February 1, 2015

Installing Amazon Kindle Reader on Mint 17

1. Resources

2. Preparation

Since there is no native Kindle application for Linux, you have to install Wine/PlayOnLinux first. See my installation notes: Installing PlayOnLinux on Mint 17

3. Install Amazon Kindle Reader for PC

Download installer file:

$ cd ~/Downloads
$ wget

Open PlayOnLinux and Click "+ Install" button.

Wait for some updates. It took for several minutes for me. It will open a "Wizard" screen to lead the installation step by step.

First, search for "Amaz". When found, select "Amazon Kindle" from the list box and click "Install" button.

Next, select "Use a set-up file on my computer" in the list and click "Next" button.

When prompted, select the installer file (KindleForPC-installer.exe) you downloaded earlier. Then click "Next" button.

When the installation is complete, it will open a familiar Kindle screen.

4. Run Amazon Kindle Reader

Launch "PlayOnLinux". Select "Amazon Kindle" from the list and click "Run". It will open Kindle reader.

5. Notes

  • When I clicked "+ Install" button for the first time, it did a lengthy update, including (looks like) re-installing of Wine 1.6.2. before the Wizard window appeared on screen.
  • Installer wizard does not close until you quit the Kindle Application it opened at the end of installation process.

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